Our Mission is to increase our client’s awareness of one of the mother earth’s unique tools that work to restore the body’s natural vibration.

Our crystal gemstones are designed to help rebalance the negative effects of the increasingly electromagnetic environment we live in.

Our goal is to improve your overall health and well-being by providing you with a tool to connect more easily with your body’s own inherent healing powers.

How We Got Started

Two individuals who both have a deep passion for crystals and what we can benefit from them while working with their amazing healing energy… 
 with one’s vision and brand awareness paired with the other one’s creativity and ability to craft, we birthed something amazing to help heal the collective on a vibrational level.

The two butterflies on our logo symbolize the growth and transformation process we both blossomed into with and through this company and our relationship! We both came from troubled backgrounds and overcame tremendous adversity and created better situations for ourselves by believing we could, but when we realized our intentions, mission and energy focus were aligned, our relationship was made and the company was born!