Honestly, the first time I heard of a birth chart was the day I realize that the universe has been recording and is recording every move that we’ve ever made.

An old friend of mine had popped back into my life and told me that she was doing readings.

She asked me for my birthday, Time of birth, and location of birth.

Finding my time of birth was tricky but my mother came to the rescue as usual…

When I gave her this information she gave me back over 30 pages of details of my life and this is somebody who doesn’t know me giving me past present and future information in detail that I could not even fathom. 

It talked about my relationship with myself and with others, my sex life, what I like, what I dislike, and my natural energy sources.. it really brought me into the deepest depths of myself and explained so much of what I’ve been going through and also let you know how pre-Destin this experience really is based on who we are. 

This was the first time I got to truly understand myself and know who I really was and the minute you really know yourself is the minute you truly begin to experience God. 

That frequency of love and knowing and accepting and being the highest best version of yourself no longer lying to yourself or others is the most liberating spiritual experience you can experience..

No more lies ever.. to say you don’t want something when you really do it’s like shooting yourself in the foot. Creating self-inflicted pain.

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